Atua Island

A collaborative AR Experience

Atua Island is a mashup of the twitter live feed screens you can find in tradeshows and the more traditionnal guests/visitors’ book. Since this project was exhibited in a Virtual Reality Show and competiting in a student VR/AR contest, we wanted to create an app which would be filled with content by the visitors and jury over the days during this event. The concept we ended up with is somehow a “god game” in which the user can spread whatever message he wants to. This message would be then “preach” by a virtual avatar, a kani. As a god you can then populate the island by augmenting the tangible board but also interact with the kanis and gain new powers through tangible interactions.

Building an attractive experience

The main challenge when both exhibiting on a show and competiting in a contest, is to build an experience people would be willing to try just by galncing at it. Therefore we designed a rich and colorful environement aswell as a tangible model which would both intrigue visitors and be used as an interactive space (and this part totally worked !). Atua Island was definitely an ambitious project since we did everything from the art direction, the concept itself ,the 3d modeling, the development (both c#, Arduino and nodeJS) and of course the island model.

My role

As mentioned above this was probably the most challenging project we had to work on at that time given the wide set of skills required and the very short deadlines. Since we were a rather small  team (4 people) I dealt with different roles such as project managment :  by establishing roadmaps and always having a good overview of the project state, Art direction : by producing the artworks, sketches and few of the first 3d models and finally the whole development part : by building the nodeJS server to store informations from unity and push interactions from Arduino to unity plus all the smaller scripts we needed for this project including vuforia (AR) integration and spawning system, etc. As a 4 designers team we all worked on the concept and the user experience.

Other Members : Germain Rufflé,  Josselin Hillion, Quentin Moreau