Brooklyn United

5 months internship in Brooklyn

Before starting my Master degree, I had the opportunity to do 5 month internship abroad. On this period I worked at Brooklyn United, a Brooklyn based (as crazy as it sounds) digital interactive agency. Not only the cultural experience was amazing but I discovered an incredible work environement and some of the best people to work with. I learned new design processes, new team managment philosophy and improve my communication and integration skills within a team.

Some of the projects I worked on

Above you can have a condensed idea of my work  at Brooklyn United. I worked with multiple designers on the rebrand of the agency and we came up with the idea of getting ride of Brooklyn’ two “o” in order to create a creative room within the logo. I also worked on a real estate branding and web design project in Florida. The actual very first project I worked on was the fashion Zip Zap App  for kids. The idea came from the amazing Big Idea Week project, which allows  students from grade 4 to 8 to develope their ideas and eventually collaborate with professionals to build a prototype. Finally I did some branding for a anti online harassment plateform  called Heartmob (by Hollaback).

My role

The great thing about Brooklyn United is that  even though you are a freshly hired intern you can have your say in the project you are involved in. From what they told me i  got the internship because of my  wide set of skills. So during these 5 months I tackle many different production and design tasks, from UI design, Graphic design, Motion design, Calligraphy  to  full UX App design.