Google Workshop

One week design sprint

In december 2015, Nadim Raad (Alumnus of l’École de Design Nantes Atlantique) and Andy Dahley, both designer at Google, Mountain View CA organized a 5 days workshop at Readi Design Lab. We had to design a service and prototype it using google’s material design. So I teamed up with two other students in order to  cover the different skills we might need to creat and compeling service and presentation. We worked together on the problem we wanted to tackle and went trhough the design process we knew to figure out the best solution.

Supporting kids when moving in another city / country

Inspired by Pixar’s Inside Out movie we chose to work on suporting kids on a very distressing time, which is moving in another city. We quickly tried to map out the succession of events leading to this decision and ended up with google backpack. Backpack is our solution to help kids gather everything which define them from hobbies, friend , places and activities. When the time comes to move in another place Backpack help the parents and the kids to  picture the upcoming life and how the kid can build himself a new home.

My role

As mentioned before we did all the concept and design part together then we splited production. I dealt for the first time with pixate in order t create interactive prototype to be shown on the final  day. I also created the illustration for the user scenario to help people understand our process through this week  and what our solution would be.

Other Members : Charlotte Sferruzza, Germain Rufflé