Interactive museum experience

 Building an interactive museum experience for kids

This project has been conducted in partnership with the Fine Arts Musuem of Nantes and along with Spatial Design Student. The first explicit constraints of this case was to create a brand new experience of interactive visit for children. It was an exhibition about the cubist painter Fernand Leger. The second, less explicit, constraints was to bring interaction into the visit experience without making the children look away from paintings and focus on screens.

Working with a multidisciplinary team

With the help of a sociologist and some Art experts we finally ended with this concept. The idea was to put kid in front of a little in situe game where they had to recreate a painting. First they had to find the painting, and we wanted to give to all the children in the exhibition the same goal for half an hour, so they can meet an realize that if they want to win this little game they would have to colaborate and share their knowledge with other kids. This way we made social interactions happen between kids  and the screens is just a representative support.

My role

As mentioned above I worked with another interaction design students and two Spatial design students on this project. We designed together what experience we wanted to build regarding the information we’ve been briefed about. I did all the 3d Modeling, texturing and rendering on this project using 3ds Max and VRay.

Other Members : Gaël Jaffrezic, Thomas Olivier