LinkedIn Data Visualisation

Mapping post diploma careers of  Alumni

During a week, we worked on a data vizualisation project based on LinkedIn API. We wanted to map out carreers from french design school alumni. We studied various schools such as: L’École de Design Nantes Atlantique (our), ENSCI, ENSAD, Strate College and ENSAAMA. We have been able to  visualize the location of alumni’s jobs given their school or master degree. On the other side we mapped the most wanted skills in a given region or city. Our designer approach on this project was to build a service for students and school staff  which could help  tracking and getting in touch with alumni.

My role

On this project I dealt with the LinkedIn API, which was quite challenging. Given the time we had we couldn’t get a API key  so I had to work with the public accesses and to cheat a bit (no data-scraping) from a linkedIn API online Lab which at that time gave me the rights we needed. I also worked on giphy to build an interactive web app for people to explore our dataviz.

Other Members : Gaël Jaffrezic, Axel Masson, Louis Brotel, Nicolas Lucas