Virtual Reality Nantes Experience

An immersive journey through Jules Vernes’ Universe

This project first  started as technical sprint. We had to  create an immersive experience about Nantes’ local superstar , the writer Jules Verne. We chose to work on his master piece 20000 leagues under the sea which occurred to us a very rich environement to experiment in VR given how immersive diving into deep seas could be. We developed our project on the Oculus DK2 but we soon realized that we would have to design a convincing motion system  not to break the immersion of the user.

Building a convincing tangible motion system

So we hacked a gym stepper using the open hardware “makey makey”, which gave us a nice and functionnal motion device in no time. Using again the makey makey potentional we 3d printed some input on oculus’ headset to allow user to interact  within the virtual space without having to use a controller. Then we built a Jules Verne inspired underwater environement for people to explore.

My role

We were three student working on this project. I did the engraved like style logo, some of the 3d assets, including a zbrush sculpt of Jules Verne and the diving suit helmet which we used as a HUD. I also did the whole development part including the motion behaviour , scripting different events and features of the experience.

Other Members : Germain Rufflé,  Josselin Hillion

Video : Simon Bauchet

Shows and exhibitions

We had the opportunity to showcase this project twice. First for the Nantes Digital Week  in september 2015 and we had great feedbacks from people who tried our experience. Then we iterate to improve the project and build a second version which we showcased at the 18th Laval Virtual VR exhibition. Finally we’ll  soon take this experience to the upcoming Futur en Seine festival  in Paris in june 2016.