All About Me.

A bit about me

I’m an young UX/VR Designer recently graduated from a Virtual Reality Master Degree . Currently UX/VR Designer/Developer at Neutral Digital ! I love learning and discovering new things and build compelling experiences. To do so I developed a wide et of skills which I’m always keen to grow. I hope you’ll enjoy my work from 3d modeling , scultping, coding, UX/UI design, illustration and calligraphy !


      Work experience

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        UX Designer / Prototyper VR @ Neutral Digital

        Londres - 2016 - Current position

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        3D Artist @ Alkemi Games

        Nantes - 2015

      • brooklynunited

        UI / UX Designer @ Brooklyn United

        New York - 2014 - Intern

      • UI Designer / Web Integrator @ Les Polypodes

        Nantes - 2013 - Intern

      My Toolbox

      Observation / Sketching

      Observation is in my opinion the most important tool for a designer. Observe,  seize the inspiration and ideas as they come is a key. Being able to sketche these ideas down on paper, even roughly, is the best starting point for any design process.

      Illustration / Calligraphy

      Even though I’m definitely a technology enthousiast, I’m always scribbling doodles here and there. I have been practicing calligraphy for about two years as well  and it happened to be the perfect hobby for balancing a screen heavy life !

      Creative coding

      Even though I’m not a “full-time” developer, being a creative coder is really usefull at many levels. It enhance creativity on the technical part, it allows me to easily work with developers but it also brings a ceratin freedom when it comes to personnal project. I tackled differents programming languages but here’s my actual favorites : C# , JS and nodeJS.


      As I mentioned before I’m always keen to discover new things, to  tackle new challenges. Being a fast learner in such dynamic and always evolving industry , is in my opinon a key asset. Wether is alone, from collegues or from awesome people/community on the internet, I’m constantly looking to learn and improve. To that said, feel free to give me feedbacks on my work !

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      Autodesk 3ds Max

      From 3d Modeling, Texturing, Rigging to Rendering, 3ds is just my key software in most of my projects, wether it’s for real time or rendered 3d. I’m also a big fan of making some sleak rendering with  VRay.

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      Adobe Suite

      Even though I keep trying as many Adobe softwares alternatves as I can, the wide range of softwares provided by Adobe is just super helpful in everyday’s project. I’m a heavy user of these 4 : Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effect.

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      Self taught Sculpting addict and forver amazed by  the potential  of this software. I’m always looking for a better way to integrate Zbrush into my  production pipelines.

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      Unity 3d Engine

      I try to tackle as many aspects of unity as I possibly can, from environement setup , lighting, props integration to C# development.