VR Experience

Virtual Reality Nantes Experience


  • UX Design
  • C# Programming
  • 3D modeling

Tools used

  • 3ds Max
  • Unity
  • Makey Makey
  • 3D Printer

An immersive journey through Jules Verne's Universe

This is a student one month project based on Nantes’ local superstar writer, Jules Verne. We chose to work on his masterpiece 20000 leagues under the sea which happens to be a very rich environment to experiment in VR given how immersive diving into deep seas can be. We developed our project on the Oculus DK2 but we soon realized that we would have to design a convincing motion system not to break the immersion of the user. Building a convincing tangible motion system. We "hacked" together a locomotion system using an old gym stepper and a "Makey Makey" electronic board. Finally, we built a Jules Verne inspired underwater environment for people to explore.

Video credits:  Simon Bauchet


Jules Verne statue sculpted In Zbrush and rendered in Unity

© - Gabriel Martzloff